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Longyearbyen - Norway


Longyearbyen's history is closely related to mining. Longyearbyen is located next to Adventfjorden, where several mines were started.

An American firm, Arctic Coal directed by John Munroe Longyear, started a coal mine at the current location in 1906, and called it Longyear City.
In 1915 Arctic Coal sold the mine to a Norwegian company, Store Norske Spitsbergen kullkompani.

More and more people (1600 inhabitants) are living in Longyearbyen, but now the primary activity is tourism, and service-related fields.
In addition there are several scientific enterprises, including UNIS - the University courses on Svalbard, an auroral research station, EISCAT - the European Scattering Radar, Svalsat - a satellite station for contacting satellites in polar orbits, run in cooperation with NASA, and several others.

There is a wide range of accommodation alternatives available in Longyearbyen,
from guesthouses to full service, high quality hotels.
Longyearbyen also has a camping, near the airport, which is the northernmost camping of the world.

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  Longyearbyen - Fjord Adventfjorden   Longyearbyen - Adventdalen Valley   Longyearbyen - Fjord Isfjord   Longyearbyen - Mine  
Longyearbyen - EISCAT Radar Longyearbyen - Hiorthfjellet Longyearbyen - Camping Longyearbyen - Polar Star
Longyearbyen - Nybyen   Longyearbyen - Sarkofagen Longyearbyen - Sun Festival Longyearbyen - Mines


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