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Cruise Ships and Icebreakers in Spitsbergen


M/V Polar Star is a classic Swedish icebreaker rebuilt for expedition cruising in 2000-2001. The ship is operated by Polar Star Expeditions. The Polar Star carries a maximum of 105 passengers.

Grigoriy Mikheev and Alexsey Maryshev are modern research vessels of the Hydrographic Institute of St. Petersburg. These ships were built in 1990 in Finland and designed as ice-strengthened vessel. The Grigoriy Mikheev is now under long-term contract by Oceanwide Expeditions.

Professor Molchanov , Professor Multanovskiy and Akademik Shokalskiy were built in Finland in 1983 for oceanographic and polar research. They carry a maximum of 48 passengers
With their ice-strengthened hull and passive stabilizers, The Professor Molchanov and Professor Multanovskiy
can navigate polar areas where many other vessels cannot.

PFS Polarstern, a German research icebreaker, is currently the most sophisticated polar research vessel in the world.
Designed as research and supply vessel, The Polarstern has completed a total of 27 expeditions
to the Arctic and Antarctic since 1982. The Polarstern is a double-hulled icebreaker (11,820 tons 14 MW).

Built in Finland in 1981, The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a powerful diesel electric icebreaker. This icebreaker was designed for working in Arctic waters during winter around Siberia to keep northern navigational routes opened.
Kapitan Khlebnikov was the first ship to circumnavigate Antarctica with passengers in 1997.
The Kapitan Khlebnikov carries a maximum of 112 passengers. Essential for navigation in the ice, this ship carries helicopters for reconnaissance and passenger excursions. The Kapitan Khlebnikov is one of four Kapitan Sorokin class diesel electric ice-breakers.

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  M/V Polar Star - Icebreaker - Expedition Cruise Ship   M/V Polar Star - Icebreaker - Expedition Cruise Ship   Grigoriy Mikheev - Research Ship - Expedition Cruise Ship   Grigoriy Mikheev - Research Ship - Expedition Cruise Ship  
Professor Molchanov - Research Ship - Expedition Cruise Ship PFS Polarstern - Icebreaker - Research Ship PFS Polarstern - Icebreaker - Research Ship Kapitan Khlebnikov - Icebreaker - Expedition Cruise Ship
Yamal - Nuclear Icebreaker - Expedition Cruise Ship   Noorderlicht - Two-masted Schooner - Cruise Ship Professor Multanovskiy - Research Ship - Expedition Cruise Ship R/V Lance - Research Ship - Norwegian Polar Institute


 Yamal and Nuclear Icebreakers in Spitsbergen

Yamal ( Quark Expeditions) and others nuclear icebreakers like Sovietskiy Soyuz are not allowed to enter the coastal waters of Spitsbergen. Norwegian authorities, sensitive to the ships twin hazards, says development of tourism in the area should not include the use of nuclear powered vessels.

Built in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992 by Murmansk Shipping Company, the nuclear icebreaker Yamal is one of five ice-breakers in the Arktika class. This icebreaker has taken passengers to the North Pole since 1993.
The Yamal carries a maximum of 100 passengers. This icebreaker carries helicopters for reconnaissance and passenger excursions.
The Yamal and her sister ships must cruise in cold water, in order to cool their reactors. As a result, they cannot pass through the tropics to undertake voyages in the Southern hemisphere.

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